Out of gas in WINNALEAH


MARCH, 2016

This classic service station is located in Winnaleah, Tasmania. The service was non-exsistant and I don’t recommend using the amenities.

Jumped on the “Spirit of Tassie” for an over night passage, to do a few days riding around some of the beautiful roads in Tasmania. From Devonport we took off west to have a look-sea at the side of Tassie that is less frequently travelled. Great riding through the early morning mist as the sun rose to clear the day for a near perfect view of the mountains. Stopped at a few places to rest, endearing ourselves to the locals for a couple of stories and fun facts of the area. Heard something about beach access, so thought it best we maintain the adventure and hit the fun stuff – how long do you think it takes for bike stands to sink in the sand? Spent the night at Strahan, had one of the best steaks I have ever eaten in my life!

iPhone 6 – point a tap

Canon 5D (mk3), Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8

iPhone 6 – point a tap

Had the bearings replaced on the BMW the week before leaving. Was not told by the mechanic that they will need an adjustment after a few hundred kilometres, to fully get them seated. This become apparent after getting air time off the sand bars. During the ride from Strahan to the east side of Tasmania, I lost my confidence in the bikes ability to stay up right with a loose steering head bearing. That meant a pit stop at the bush mechanics.

While fluffing around with the bike at a cafe, we meet the cafe chef. He turns out to be a part-time mechanic, only because he loves to ride and had a few sports bikes out the back. Decided that with out the right tool, best to limp it into the BMW dealer get it fix and call it a day.

“If you’re ever in the Derwent Bridge area, go say G’day to the Chef/Mechanic at The Hungry Wombat Cafe.”

Once the bike was all fixed and we got back on track, it was time explore east side. Lots of long straight roads out that way – boring! But that allows for a little more relaxed sight seeing. With the throttle pulled back I’m more likely to stop if I see something of interest. This was the case when I happened to spot this classic station.

Canon 5D (mk3), Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8

Canon 5D (mk3), Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8


31055 Tasman Highway, Winnaleah. Tasmania

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